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Our Journey

We've transformed from a research facility to a fully productive manufacturing center.

Our Nation

Bananas are Uganda's staple food, by adding value, We build our motherland.

R & D

Our team of scientists and business professionals keep innovating to keep up with the times

The products under the TOOKE Brand come to you as a gift of nature from the “Pearl of Africa“, Uganda.

The Tooke products are based on my original formulation through which the highland cooking bananas – (Matooke) growing off rich volcanic soils, at over 1000m above sea level are turned into shelf-stable flours.

The processing is done largely by native banana growing communities who are empowered through technical oversight of a multidisciplinary team of Uganda’s leading scientists, which I am privileged to lead.

The MaTooke banana to the local indigenous Baganda simply means Emmere – literally meaning “the food” in English. It is rich in potassium, calcium, and has been associated with the feel-good effect that may be responsible for the unique friendliness which is peculiar to us – Ugandans.

Permit me to invite you, courtesy of my country, to your 1st experience with “the Food”.

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