Popular Questions

Where can I find the Tooke Products?
Tooke products (Flours and biscuits) are available at the project secretariat ware house, selected distributor shops in Uganda and at the pilot processing facility in Bushenyi. For orders or inquiries please call +256-312-246617, +256-312-246610, or +256-782-285608,

Do the Tooke flours taste like bananas?
No: The Tooke flours are processed from mature, unripe matooke. So you will not find the taste of ripe banana. They have a plain taste, making it formidable for several applications.

How are the Tooke flours processed? 
The Tooke flours (Raw, Instant, and extruded) are processed through a patented processes of peeling, slicing, drying and milling. No additives or preservatives are added.

Are Tooke flours gluten free?
Yes all the Tooke flours are gluten free and no wheat is added to them.

What is special about the Tooke biscuits?
Tooke biscuits contain a reduced amount of gluten. They have a special milk melt in the mouth offering a lasting mouthfeel. You do not want to stop munching!!

Why does the Instant Tooke meal from Instant Tooke flour taste different from the traditional matooke?
The Instant Tooke flour is a processed product and therefore due to change of cellular structure during the heat processing regimes, the final product prepared into a meal ought to taste different.

How do I prepare Instant Tooke porridge?
ITF is best prepared by adding freshly boiled hot water into a bowl or cup. Then the ITF is gradually added with a spoon while mixing it in briskly. Sugar and Milk can be added to enhance the taste.

Can I make a porridge from Raw Tooke flour?
Yes. Raw Tooke flour can be prepared into a tasty porridge. It is prepared in the same way one would prepare maize porridge at home.

Would you offer me technical support for the use of any of the flours?
Yes. We have a highly qualified and trained agile team, ready to deliver to clients in Uganda, the regional and international markets.


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